SMS Building Systems

Since 2006 SMS Building Systems has been providing state of the art solutions for video surveillance, access control and structured cabling. SMS offers a range of services from design and installation to central station monitoring as well as hosted and managed services for access control. RCDD’s are on staff to assist in cable infrastructure design to provide a complete 21st century solution.

  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Video Monitoring
  • Hosted & Managed Access Control
  • Structured Cable

LED Technology

The SMS LED technology is the next generation of LEDs that integrates multiple features – heat sink, exhaust fan, and adjustable shaft into a LED light device that is easy to deploy and manage. GSF LEDs do not emit heat as infrared radiation (IR), so the waste heat buildup in the LED is removed from the device by the integrated fan convection. This patented design – heat sinking/ventilation removal – dissipates heat into the surrounding air to minimize temperature rise in the LED device, resulting in higher light output than antiquated LED units. GSF eliminates high temperatures build-up that causes permanent reduction in light output. This innovative design is an important factor in extending the effective, useful life of the LED to 50,000 hours.

SMS Building Systems enables a wide range of industrial LED technology applications, including commercial building, retail, warehouse/distribution, signage, street/property lighting and more.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Deploying an integrated, highly effective and centrally managed security and surveillance solution while improving energy efficiency can help dramatically improve the operations of your security team. The security and surveillance infrastructure solution from SMS Building Systems utilizes digital video technology to enhance your security systems. The SMS surveillance outcome provides public and private institutions with an automated solution that helps ensure rapid access to, and retrieval of, digital video content allowing faster response and improved event investigations.