Regulatory Affairs

The principals of Salmon Ventures are uniquely qualified to undertake representation for regulatory affairs advocacy before federal or state regulators in several settings, but particularly with utility regulators. Dr. Edward Salmon is a former President of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and former Vice President of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC). He continues to serve as the President of NARUC’s Commissioners Emeritus. Frederick F. Bulter is also a former Commissioner on the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and former President of NARUC. Mr. Butler represented the association internationally and worked extensively on NARUC’s commitees.

The principals of SVL advocate directly to regulatory commissioners and their staff in New Jersey, in the Northeast Regional States, and on a national level through a network of associates. Our efforts include advocacy to regulatory bodies as well as engagement in policy formulation for utility and regulatory industries through NARUC’s subcommittees and other policy making bodies.


  • Regulatory Representation in Front of State Utility Commissioners
  • National Utility and Regulatory Policy Formation
  • Business Development within Utility Sectors
  • Resolve Regulatory and Permitting Hurdles
  • Advocate for Implementation of Policy Initiatives

Salmon Ventures Utility Services Team