Mergers & Acquisitions

Salmon Ventures, Ltd. has a global network of contacts and strategic associates who can facilitate opportunities to acquire, merge, and add new market opportunities for your company. SVL consultants are experienced in evaluating a company’s technology, people, software, marketing, legal and financial situation. This can be carried out within the framework of existing and next- generation products, to support mergers, joint ventures, acquisitions or other market opportunities. The firm provides its clients advice, counsel, and procedural tools integral to achieving success within present and proposed regulatory, legal, financial and technological frameworks.


  • Issues resolution
  • Decision delineation, evaluation and application
  • Evaluation and advice on proposed or existing regulatory issues
  • Cost Studies
  • Strategy Integration
  • Organizational performance assessment
  • Contract evaluation and negotiation

Salmon Ventures Team for Mergers, Aquisitions and Market Opportunities