Local & County Government Solutions

Salmon Ventures Limited has assembled a diverse, results-driven team that has extensive experience in local, county and state government services. We can deliver valuable solutions to municipalities, authorities and commissions interested in consolidating, coordinating, sharing or merging their public services into a more cost effective and efficient delivery system. SVL is adept at conducting management reviews, budget and operational analyses and efficiency studies that provide recommendations for improvements for an entire municipality or county, specific divisions and operations, or a single department or service.

As part of the process, SVL has the capability to review and analyze mission statements, policy and procedure manuals, personnel handbooks, organizational charts and administrative codes. Depending upon the depth and complexity of the study, we can also evaluate governmental budgets, operational expenses, employee benefits programs, personnel assignments, specific department operations and the depth and means of the service delivery system. Specific recommendations are provided on how to establish benchmarks for service and cost centers for the delivery those services. Additionally, recommendations can be offered to improve outdated or deficient operational documents and manuals.

At the completion of the review or study, SVL will provide a detailed analysis that includes recommendations for operational improvements. This final report is a useful tool for elected and governmental officials in determining whether they are providing their public services in the most cost effective and efficient manner to the taxpayers. Further, SVL’s analysis can help the potential need to share or consolidate or even eliminate a duplicated program or service.


  • Overall Management Studies
  • Operational Reviews
  • Efficiency Oversight
  • Shared Services Studies
  • Consolidation Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Exploring Merger Opportunities
  • Personnel Searches
  • Assist in obtaining grants and loans
  • Resolve regulatory and governmental hurdles

Salmon Ventures Local and County Government Solutions Team